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Like The Poet

by Keats Conlon

Now you can listen to my album "Like The Poet" right here on my website! I named the album "Like The Poet" because my name often confuses people, so I tend to introduce myself as "Keats, like the poet John Keats". I then decided to introduce myself to the music scene in the same fashion. The album features ten tracks, in order, "Attempted Love Song", "Charity", "Brake Lights", "Imogene", "Green Eyes", "Robert Quinn", "All That Remains", "The Garden", "Invasion", "Hello My Dear (Goodbye My Love)". All ten tracks were written and performed by myself and recorded at Polaris Studios in Windsor. The album art depicts me and my namesake John Keats having tea and  was done by my lovely and talented friend Sarah Fram. She also has a line of handcrafted goods called "Finity" which you can check out here:

You can buy the album online at my bandcamp site here:

Or contact me directly at my email and I can get you a hard copy. Hope you enjoy!