Hi there, my name is Keats Conlon, nice to meet you!

"An upcoming singer/songwriter who takes after her poet namesake, Keats Conlon paints pictures in thin air and spills her heart to any audience she encounters."

I'm a 26 year old singer-songwriter born and raised in Windsor, Ontario Canada. My style has been described as folk, alternative, pop, indie, and/or acoustic. I've been singing longer than I can remember, playing the guitar for over 10 years, and dabbling in other instruments on and off my entire life.

I was lucky enough to live near an arts high school, Walkerville Collegiate Institute, so I went there and entered into the vocal, guitar and drama programs. I met many talented people in my four years, teacher and peers alike, and I feel so privileged to have had the chance to learn and work with them. I was 14 years old when I started writing my own material.

I got my first taste of success when I submitted a song I wrote to a local musical compilation CD called "The W" at the age of 16. Ever since then I've been connecting to other local musicians and playing around as much as I can. 

I was only pursuing my music part-time until I graduated from the University of Windsor with a Bachelor of Arts degree (specializing in Psychology with a Minor in Ancient Civilizations). With some secondary education under my belt, I decided to take some time off to exclusively focus on my music career. It was at this time that I moved to Toronto, where I lived for two years, meeting and playing with even more talented people, and honing my craft. I then took a journey out east to Halifax where I lived for another two years playing in and learning from the amazing maritime music scene.

I have played at many venues in Windsor, Toronto, and Halifax. Some of the Windsor venues I've played at include Milk, Taloola Cafe, Phog Lounge, and the Green Bean Cafe. Venues in Toronto that I have played at include The Central, The Cloak and Dagger, The Mod Club, and REVIVAL!. Some of the venues I've performed at in Halifax are The Red Stag, Gus' Pub, The Carleton, and Loose Cannon.  

I've released two CDs during my short career. The first I recorded myself and titled "Letters To Anyone". I recorded my second CD with Polaris Studios and called it "Like the Poet". You can check out "Like The Poet" through the links on the left side bar of this website, or go to my bandcamp here: http://keatsconlon.bandcamp.com/ to check out both albums.

I am also currently a part of two different bands. The "Nova Knots" which is a trio of women including myself that play a mix of celtic, east coast, pop, indie, folk and everything in between, and "Casual Cries For Help" which is a five piece power house that plays upbeat pop covers and originals full of good vibes.

I'm currently in Halifax, Nova Scotia exploring all the amazing music the east coast has to offer. I'll make sure to update this website with any new adventures and music, so stay tuned!